Walk Into Your Purpose Event


So excited to share with the ladies last weekend on “The How To” after you receive your vision. Hosted by Lakia Gilmore.  I briefly share about my personal business journey, some of the things that I went through in order to live as a business owner.

Often times, we have know what we want to do, but many are clueless on how to get there. Here are a few steps

1. Have a clear and detailed vision board.

2. Research each detail of your vision.

3. Contact all available resources in your area.

(vendors, friends, family, suppliers,etc.)

4. Save up money to invest or apply for business loan.

5. Attend a few networking events in your city.

6. Find a mentor and support group.

7. Practice, practice, and practice. Register to advance training.

8. Repeat all the steps as often-as needed.