This is temporary! We win in the end!







Coach Kellie Confession: When I was 15 years ago my family and I were evicted from our home. Shame and embarisment filled my heart. I felt devalued and humiliated. My mom looked at me and said “Don’t cry this is only Temporary and God will give us double for our shame” Glory to God. . That was all I needed to hear. . This is temporary! No matter what you are going through. No matter how devalued or devastated you feel, say “This is temporary. .This is temporary and I will have double blessings for my shame” it’s not the will of God for any of us to live in lack or poverty. Ask God for a Action plan, he will show you what to do. Trust him through this process. He’s a deliverer! He’s a healer! He’s a keeper! ‪#‎wewin‬ ‪#‎coachkellie‬