The Boss Chic life

Often times we see women on social media posting a sharing photos that can seem to resemble a modern fairy tail. In some instaces these individuals have PR and glam squads who work endlessly to create the brand of success and glam. Behind the so called “Boss chic” brand is many layers that lie beneath the surface. Before you  idolized a complete stranger, think about it this way. Behind every victory was once a victim of something.  There is never a message without a “mess”    At some point.

Most of the Boss chics has an amazing testimony. Most have had or has struggled/ struggling  with past or present obstacle. For myself, I struggled in my self esteem for years. I didn’t feel pretty and behind it all I wanted to appear whole. I never wanted to show weakness or fears to anyone because folks can be so judgmental and pressed to share your flaws. The pressure of success constanly tries the reality of the authenthic you and the struggles of owning you authentic voice. The goal of perfection is distant. Society always has a new standard of what beauty looks like, and what size dress you should wear and the length of your hair, or even the size of your backside. So many social shares and likes to keep up with.. what’s  the perfect angle to shoot your next selfie. It can be really overwhelming.


The truth of matter a lot of Boss Chic have a heart of gold. Many of them seem stand-off ish because of the moving and takers we have encountered. It can be hard sometimes to bring people into your circle because  people sometimes have hidden agendas or bad motives. I have had folks around me simply to find out my traded secrets.  However, No one can truly predict the intentions of a person, that’s why having Godly intuition comes in, because it can save you a lot of headache. And If I am in doubt I simply ask Holy Spirit for guidance.


Friendships with Boss Chics

It can be difficult because of time restraints.

They may not make it to every event you host, but they still love you.

They may not remember every important date in your life, Send them reminders as often  needed.

They truly care about everyone, yet they are super busy.

While others are sleep, he are working sometimes at 1 AM on a project

Sometimes we are not avoiding conversation..we are just sleepy

(forgive us) lol


Boss Chics need:






You may think they get these often, however we don’t. Sometimes we pour out so much energy into others that we can get overwhelmed and forget to take care of ourselves.

Writing this blog has inspired me to continue with transparent ministry.

My goal for this article is to give you a inside examination of The Boss Chic and how we love and respect our passion that we are willing to risk it all for the betterment of society and business.