Dreaming beyond Reasoning

PhotoGrid_1397191819722In 2007 God gave me the name SuccessfulLooks. I filed for incorporation not knowing what I would do with it. I begin mixing hair products in my kitchen because one of my clients had a nasty virus that the doctors couldn’t heal. I mixed up something up and it went away. I decided to dedicate the time to research and found companies that I could buy bottles and ingredients from. ¬†A few years later I decided to start a simple lipgloss line and grow it to a full line of of health and personal care line. Today I have distributors from here to Florida that believe in my company I started with nothing.. I never imagined having a business… let alone a dedicated team of women who would help my take it global. I’ve sent Successfullooks as far as South Africa to Europe. God is faithful! Just 10 years prior I was homeless living in a hotel on Allentown road, washing my clothes in a sink. But God. Please trust the process folks! Stay focused on what God tells you to do. Poeple may look at you and laugh. ¬†Remember God gives you more along the way then he does when you start out. So start somewhere!

Love you ALL. #coachkellie #determination #embrace #your #passion www.coachkelliespeaks.com