Day 1 and 2: Living Missionally

Up at 5:50am…

We woke up early to go on a hike to a Volcano, a little adventure, before we toured a convent here in Guatemala. On our one hour ride to the volcano, I  was able to reflect on my time so far.

The locals here are very focused on working; everyone has a job even down to the kids… There is not much begging, but more so marketing of handmade  products.

One of my favorite things about Antigua is the  cobblestone streets and the vibrant stone buildings.

Yesterday, I crossed paths with 2 individuals who have a vision of education, who I prayed over. It was divine that our paths crossed because my passion is education and empowerment.

I felt humbled and filled with compassion every time I was able to share the love of God.20150420_130835

Today, we went to a village on Pacaya Volcano where we hiked the near by mountain  and mingled with the natives. The hike was very long, it took nearly 4 hours to get up the mountain. It was a beautiful hike with jet black soil at our feet with about 40 healing plants growing throughout.  One in which was called the  cheese leaf that is a preservation plant. It is said to have the ability to preserve cheese for a week without refrigeration. We were also able to ride horses through the mountains.


During the hike we explored the volcano ash from the  2012 volcano which destroyed  around 1200 houses, equal to an entire village!  Yet to stand in the presence of such devastation, God began to minister to me that amazing beauty can be a result of what once was a place of devastation. God can even use the fragments of devastation as souvenirs, make YOUR pain and mess into a message and reveal YOUR fire and fog as the favor of God in a greater future.

To experience the sacrifice of your money to travel through mission…to overcome the fear of an unknown place .. to volunteer and somehow put yourself in harms way  somehow strengthens the connection to your faith in God.

I am blessed to be on this missional journey!