Style Your Body Style

Hourglass Body Shape
The name says it all. This body shape is curvy in all the right places: bust and booty. It’s pretty much a universal perception of what is womanly and attractive.

Health Implications: Hourglasses tend to have more estrogen because of their wider hips and breasts, which is ideal for fertility and pregnancy.

Celebrity Examples: You may have already guessed—Marilyn Monroe and Kim K have hourglass body style.

Fashion Tip: Pencil skirts in a solid color show of curves and leave much to the imagination—intriguing!

Fit Tip:

Women with an hourglass body shape are recommended to do upper body exercises. Ideally, these exercises should help increase body strength in the shoulder area and help decrease the waistline. This will help reduce health risks emphasised by a lack of body muscle as highlighted earlier on this page. However, in terms of exercising to keep in shape and maintain an hourglass figure, look no further than pilates or ballet.

This type of exercise helps improve posture and balance. An improved posture eradicates the notion that certain individuals are bigger round the middle than they should be; instead it suggests that they are stooping to one side, creating this impression.



Circle Body Shape
Commonly called apples, women with a circle body shape have smaller shoulders and hips. They also tend to have slender legs and a slim booty. All fit! Though the fat has to go somewhere… With circles, it’s right smack in the middle: the stomach.

Health Implications: According to past studies, a larger waist in comparison to the rest of the body could put you at greater risk for heart disease. Scientists are beginning to challenge this assertion. Either way, it’s important that you feel in control of your body fitness. As you move in different phases of your life, your shape can take different forms.

Celebrity Examples: “30-Rock’s” Jane Krakowski and TV/film actress Dianne Wiest. Some celebs fluctuate with this body shape, like Renée Zellweger. Jennifer Hudson went from a circle shape to hourglass.

Fashion Tip: Tops with a wide, scoop neck to show some skin up top, while giving shape.

Fit tip:


  1. psyllium – a soluble fiber that greatly reduces the health risks associated with your Apple body shape (take psyllium with a cup of water immediately before your meal, as fiber needs food to give you its benefits)
  2. omega-3 fatty acids – on days when you haven’t eaten fish or flaxseed oil) –
  3. a high-quality multivitamin (make sure it includes vitamin D and folic acid).



Triangle Body Shape
This shape has a shapely bottom, with a tinier waist. Triangles are a classic feminine shape.

Health Implication: Triangles are likely to have increased fertility, from the estrogen that’s putting more weight on their hips.

Celebrity Examples: Tons of actresses and singers, from Jennifer Aniston to Jennifer Lopez.

Fashion Tip: Triangles can rock a horizontal striped top and a jacket cropped above the waist, drawing attention above.

Fit Tip:

A diet rich in complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain cereals, lentils and beans; lean protein, such as chicken or fish; and fruits and veggies will help melt off excess pounds.


Dress to Minimize a Muffin Top

Rather than picking yourself apart in front of a mirror, you may want to take a closer look at your clothes. Nine times out of 10, a muffin top appears from poor choices in clothing such as super tight jeans. In other words, you can’t have an actual overflow of muffin without the casing that’s squeezing it up and out! The good news is it’s mostly preventable. You just have to pay attention to where clothes are cutting you off. Wearing a high waist button can minimize the muffin top. Instead of wearing a form-fitted dress, try a baby dress as a better option.


The most common mistake women make is with their choice of undergarments which can show up in clothing without liners. “Wearing underwear that hits you at the lower waist can pinch and create the illusion of muffin top. Higher-waisted briefs can cut down on instances of muffin top since they will hit you closer to the smallest part of your waist. The use of a Spanx or body sharper can also lower the appearance of the muffin top.



Healthy Make up

Question: How Long Does Mascara Last? Answer: Mascara is one makeup product in your bag that you want to keep tabs on. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria. Most mascaras with a tube and a wand have an antibacterial agent in them that last about 6 weeks making you safe for at least a couple months and likely safe up to 4. You risk eye infection the longer you keep the product. If you notice the smell changes or the texture changes, throw it out. It’s not worth it.

Why don’t your weave match your hair?

I have had my license for 14 years and the color portion was by far the longest and detailed  lesson of theory for any cosmetologist student. Lol so I always laugh when I walk by the “box color” in the grocery store. I think to myself there is no way possible you can get the results on the box unless you have prior education in correct color application. And most of the photos you see in the “box” are 3 dimensional coloring techniques that only an advanced level COLORIST could accomplish. Don’t be fool… Consult and stylist who is skilled in color before installing your extensions. Love your hair, Don’t abuse it!

Does Medication break my hair?

Medication and hairloss

Often times women come into the salon and tell me that they left their last hairstylist because their hair was thinning out. Many times I notice women have lost their edges and crown. I proceed to ask them a series of questions about diet and haircare regiments and product selection. Often times clients have no idea that the real reason their hair is falling out is due to medication.   Research supports that many blood pressure medicines cause hair and nails to thin. Every pill we take will effect our hair and nails in some way or another.    It’s important to consult with your doctor concerning   Your medications and the side effects associated with them. Some medications cause weight gain or some other uncomfortable side effect.  Also during menopause  many women suffer night sweats which causes many to over process their hair because they curl their hair everyday. Medications have so many side effects . Being aware of the side effects will help you understand the products and services that can avoid the most breakage. It is very important to inform your stylist of any and all medications you are taking because a good stylist will give you styles that will save you time and money and help you maintain healthy hair though a medical challenge. Love your hair don’t abuse it.