Push Into Purpose Event: It’s Your Time!

The PK Girls Push into Purpose Event was truly live changing! So many were motivated to step into purpose and launch into new dimensions in life.  I have received so many testimonies of breakthrough. It is my hearts desire to pour into the lives of others. We are called to greatness, set apart for a special purpose and destined for success. PK Girls! we rolled out the pink carpet, just as as way of saying “We honor you ladies!”




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We are full of purpose.




It’s our time to win!FB_IMG_1440213450864

Dreaming beyond Reasoning

PhotoGrid_1397191819722In 2007 God gave me the name SuccessfulLooks. I filed for incorporation not knowing what I would do with it. I begin mixing hair products in my kitchen because one of my clients had a nasty virus that the doctors couldn’t heal. I mixed up something up and it went away. I decided to dedicate the time to research and found companies that I could buy bottles and ingredients from.  A few years later I decided to start a simple lipgloss line and grow it to a full line of of health and personal care line. Today I have distributors from here to Florida that believe in my company I started with nothing.. I never imagined having a business… let alone a dedicated team of women who would help my take it global. I’ve sent Successfullooks as far as South Africa to Europe. God is faithful! Just 10 years prior I was homeless living in a hotel on Allentown road, washing my clothes in a sink. But God. Please trust the process folks! Stay focused on what God tells you to do. Poeple may look at you and laugh.  Remember God gives you more along the way then he does when you start out. So start somewhere!

Love you ALL. #coachkellie #determination #embrace #your #passion www.coachkelliespeaks.com