This is temporary! We win in the end!







Coach Kellie Confession: When I was 15 years ago my family and I were evicted from our home. Shame and embarisment filled my heart. I felt devalued and humiliated. My mom looked at me and said “Don’t cry this is only Temporary and God will give us double for our shame” Glory to God. . That was all I needed to hear. . This is temporary! No matter what you are going through. No matter how devalued or devastated you feel, say “This is temporary. .This is temporary and I will have double blessings for my shame” it’s not the will of God for any of us to live in lack or poverty. Ask God for a Action plan, he will show you what to do. Trust him through this process. He’s a deliverer! He’s a healer! He’s a keeper! ‪#‎wewin‬ ‪#‎coachkellie‬

What about your friends?

I have experienced the most rewarding relationships in the natural, because I have experienced the greatest spiritual connection with God.-Coach Kellie

Friends come and friends go.. Yes! I am talking about even the good ones. Often times we pledge our allegiance to folks and label them as Bff or Ace, but all the while there are others in the background cheering you along in your journey to success. We make folks prove their loyalty and often when they fail to do what your individual guidelines of friendship are, we quickly push them over to the side and build new friendships with new people. For some every 2 years you have a different set of individuals you call friends.

For some we break our friends down into group or section. We have our “shopping group’ we discuss fashion,sales and shop together here and there. Next we may have our “gossip buddy’ who we call up every time there’s a new story on the streets. We spend sometimes hours on the phone with them sharing and trading stories. Next you have the “Ace ” the one you talk to almost everyday and talk to about everything. Yet,who does the bible call friend? Are we focused on what I like call “Destiny Pushers” The friends who check us when you aren’t living the life that is pleasing to God. The ones who tell you that you are wrong and give a the stare down look to create change in your life. So I ask you “What about your friends.. will they let you down, will they be around.. Not for the moment but for the long haul.

My pastor taught a lesson recently about the difference between your “sprint runners” or your “marathon runners” friendships. It was a good way to think of your friend in both categories…But I want to ask who really wants a sprint runner as a friend? Do we want someone who is fast to move, but then they are done or do we want a friend who is there until the work is done.

I have been fortunate to find friends who understand that we are on the same race to victory and who will be there when I call them at 2am in the morning and they answer.. Please know…. we may not speak every day, but know they have my back. Know they know how to pray for me and keep me. In order to be that friend in someone’s life, it’s important to have a relationship with God.

Having a God kinda relationship will cause you to use wisdom to check them and cover them in love.You won’t tell there business because the love of God Protects and heals. In the circle of friends there is safety. It’s a no judgement zone.

If you don’t have a relationship with God.Today is your day! If you have never experienced the ultimate friendship with Jesus just ask ! He will love you because he died for your sins. God’s love will heal you and save you from the world of sin and fear. I have experienced the most rewarding relationships in the natural because I have experienced the greatest spiritual connection with God. Give him your heart today, let him do you a work in you and you’ll be able to love again. You’ll be able to recognize healthy friends and covenant relationships.

Prayer of salvation:
Dear God,
Come into my life, heal me and grant me spiritual wisdom
to win in every area of my life. I accept your son
Jesus in my heart because he died for me so that I
could live and live in abundance. Forgive me of
every sin and cleanse me of all unrighteousness.
In Jesus name,

Welcome to the Family of God! If you don’t
have a church home or a mentor, contact me and I will
personally direct to to one. Thanks for reading

Have a beautiful day!
Coach Kellie

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God continues to demonstrate his faithfulness towards me. When God told me I would travel the world sharing the love of Jesus. I didn’t have any idea that it would happen the very next year. But when he said it I instantly received it. And I began praying and confessing exactly what he said to me.. Our words shape our destiny but when God said yes.. No one can refuse… No one can stop what God has ordained… If God gave you a word.. Stand on it no matter how long in takes… Delay doesn’t men denial!
Change your thinking we always win!