Your calling will not stop “Calling” you!

Living for purpose

I have spent the last 30 years of my life a running from what my purpose was trying to run things my way.  Thinking that I had to be perfect in order to fulfill the call of God on my life.( the biggest myth right) so many people have believe that they had to live white as snow in order to pursue Gods call for your life.  Make a decision to serve God and walk in your purpose. The light bulb goes off for some faster than others, but I believe we all have a divine purpose on this earth.  One way you find your purpose is to :
1. Accept Christian your life.
2. Surrender to his will for your life
3. Give yourself time to rest and meditate
4. Commit to dedicate time to research and study
5. Read books and resources about your purpose
6. Find a mentor for accountability


Celebrate Your Authenticity



In a world where you can be anything. . BE YOU!  I recall my earlier speaking engagements I would wear my suits and black kitten heels.  Lol looking like a grandma “Jean” I remember being so nervous about knowing what to say and dotting every T and every I. I put so much pressure on myself and by the time I got started I would’ve almost forget my notes lol I couldn’t focus on the message. Then one day I discovered that God would use me no matter what I wore as long as it was respectful and lady- like.  God can use you in your perfect you. He loves us just that much.

Service is your way to your breakthrough

Celebration of Love Women’s fellowship. . Isaiah 40 is a awesome scripture of clarity. Have you ever been in WAR for something in the spirit? And because the WAR-ing lasted soooo long, you couldn’t move even after it was over?and you couldn’t find the next step? Here’s a solution. .. Your breakthrough is in your SERVICE! Healing is in your SERVICE. . Deliverance is in your SERVICE. . Feeling Stuck? SERVE. . Feeling depressed? SERVE. .Feeling isolated? SERVE. .Feeling frustration? SERVE! And REST in your SERVICE!Coach

Kellie confession:
I shared that 2013 was the worst year for me. But so many said: How were you able to Minster? To start a business. .. To publish a book? .it didn’t seem like that way. ..
So I wanted to publicly share something with you:
God can use us in our brokenness. Even though I was going through, I asked for his grace. (Unmerrited favor) Service is the path to healing and deliverance. Most poeple are looking for someone to serve them but God said the greatest amongst you is the servant. So I served my way OUT! By giving my time to others in need(visited local shelters) by serving my spiritual leaders/ mentors , and giving back to my community! And everything I went through prospered me! I turned Everyday Challenges into Victory! We have the power.
Glory to God!




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