It’s Your Time to Finish

There are so many people in America and around the world  who have unfinished projects. Many times we create different things and we allow life to steal the moments, time , and purpose that God has set out for us. Growing  up  I spent a lot of time on my front porch with my best friend. We would spend hours and hours playing a game called “that’s my car”. The funny thing about it is that we were about  10 years old and we knew what we wanted. I would dream that one day I would be married with kids, live in a big house, and  Be a successful business women. I knew then that there was something about me that was amazing. Being a dreamer was all I had and I have embrace every moment of it. Now  I am an author of three books,  salon and boutique owner. I am a super mom and supportive wife.


This is your season to finish and God is depending on you to finish what he has started in you before you were conceived in your mother’s stomach.  God himself created something on the inside of you  that would change a generation! Yes,you! you are not reading this by happenstance but by a divine appointment from God to shake and stir up the gift on the inside with you. Let this be a new day and season in your life to grow, to gain information and walk in the calling of God on your life. I want to take this opportunity to say to you finish it! Finish it!

The Reason is the Same

Why did I decide to go forth in missions. Actually, at the age of 18 I went down to the local Peace Corps office and signed up for international travel to help and assist those less fortunate. Little did I know, the average mission was a 2 year time frame. I  instantly said well I can’t do that because I always believed that I wanted to be a full-time hairstylist. So, I said “one day when the timing is better I’ll go”. Fast forward to today. I’m on my flight to Guatemala, and now alot has  changed.  I’m now a wife,  mother of 2 amazing boys, and successful business woman and Coach. I  decided it’s never too late to check a goal off your wishlist. Knowing my family is home praying and cheering me on, as I pursue my dreams of international ministry.
God is truly up to something.

This is temporary! We win in the end!







Coach Kellie Confession: When I was 15 years ago my family and I were evicted from our home. Shame and embarisment filled my heart. I felt devalued and humiliated. My mom looked at me and said “Don’t cry this is only Temporary and God will give us double for our shame” Glory to God. . That was all I needed to hear. . This is temporary! No matter what you are going through. No matter how devalued or devastated you feel, say “This is temporary. .This is temporary and I will have double blessings for my shame” it’s not the will of God for any of us to live in lack or poverty. Ask God for a Action plan, he will show you what to do. Trust him through this process. He’s a deliverer! He’s a healer! He’s a keeper! ‪#‎wewin‬ ‪#‎coachkellie‬