We-Can-Cer-vice Event


On May 18th,2015

Hosted by Mia Wright, 3 time ovarian cancer survival.

I shared on the subject of surviving  cancer with a parent. My dad was diagnosed  with bone cancer some years back. The side effects to caring for a parent can take a serious amount of energy from you, not to mention  constant  faith and prayer. Each day is a miracle as you watch your parent fight such a terrible disease. Only by the grace of God he was healed. I am bringing awareness to bone cancer  and the fact that we can live well and be happy even when face with such obstacles. Yes! We-Can-Cer-Vive


Atlanta Georgia book signing


God continues to demonstrate his faithfulness towards me. When God told me I would travel the world sharing the love of Jesus. I didn’t have any idea that it would happen the very next year. But when he said it I instantly received it. And I began praying and confessing exactly what he said to me.. Our words shape our destiny but when God said yes.. No one can refuse… No one can stop what God has ordained… If God gave you a word.. Stand on it no matter how long in takes… Delay doesn’t men denial!
Change your thinking we always win!