Acts of a Missional Lifestyle

Have you considered your brother? Have you considered the neighbor next to you? Maybe even the person 10 miles from your neighborhood? Do you ever consider the needs of others outside of yourself? Often times, we focus on our 4 and no more, but there’s more to life than your isolated lifestyle. Sure we all have bills and social obligations to handle. “I mind my business, I stay in my lane…no one messes with me and I don’t mess with them.” We say unbothered by the silent  suffering so many experience right under our noses.

Since the fact remains there’s someone or something how has a greater need than ourselves… the next question is what can we do? Simply put, consider your brother, the members of your family,  your neighbors, your community, and the companies we work for. To create a missional attitude to save and win those searching for peace and answers to a prosperous life.

Can you imagine how awesome it could be if just your entire neighborhood was debt  free, walking in divine health, and every single need met. Wow! I just pictured that on the canvas of my imagination. What a glorious thought!

The next question is how do we begin a missional lifestyle? How much will it cost? Will it take a lot of time?  And the answer is Yes it will cost you something. It’s time to stop while at the grocery and ask someone if you can pay for their groceries,  letting someone over in traffic with a happy smile or purchase someone’s coffee and tell them that God loves them.  You can be the answer in a dieing world.
More and more people around us have lost hope in humanity and most importantly, they have lost faith in God.
We are the change we seek. We can do something! We hold the key to someone’s future when we show love with  random acts of kindness.
Yes! One person at a time, with the mission of hope, to change the next generation.

As I sit here on my flight to Guatemala, I can recall reading an excerpt from Mother’s Teresa’s book where she explained
life as a missionary and a gentleman who hadn’t experienced a simple handshake in 10 years and how blessed he felt to experience that simple act of kindness. This excerpt has inspired me to take this journey to  South America to visit orphanages and schools in Guatemala to share simple acts of kindness, as she did as a missionary.

I  pray that God will grant me favor as I travel abroad and share the love of God with others less fortunate. Christ, in his sacrifice, exchanged his pain for our prosperity. Because he lives we can live in peace.


God bless


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